Scrappy startup?

We have a soft spot for rule breakers and happen to be the catalyst for unicorns of the future. Steady, Remitly, Purewrist, Token, Modo -- they’re not scrappy anymore, but were when we met them. Equipped with a stage to make their case and a little bit of Money20/20 magic, companies are able to transform from humble beginnings to industry leaders. Are you next?

Scrappy startup?

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Get Your Name Out In Front Of The Entire Money20/20 Community

  • It's time to get the spotlight on your new brand so the industry can get to know you. Let us help with senior attendees from every corner of the money ecosystem.

  • Showcase your solutions to those who define the ecosystem! We can help you design a one-of-a-kind space to get you the attention you deserve.

  • Money20/20 is known for being a catalyst for unicorns. Your presence at the show will legitimize your business and put you among the ranks of the best.

  • Magic is always in the air in Vegas. We get some of the biggest VCs in the room and get the ball in your court. You'll want to polish your elevator pitch!

Stories Straight Out of Vegas

These startups aren't on the outs anymore - and, they all have one thing in common, Money20/20.


FISPAN is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) banking platform. They particpated in Money20/20's Startup Program the same year they launched and have seen tremendous growth since then. Most recently they've joined Mastercard’s Start Path accelerator program.


Spotted at Money20/20 in 2016 was recently launched Sezzel. Since their debut they've taken the industry by storm with a growing list of impressive partnerships with Ally Lending, GameStop, and most recently Wix. They're now worth more than $1B.🥳


Remitly's Matt Oppenheimer, CEO and Josh Hug, Chief Product Officer, took the stage at Money20/20's LaunchPad360 in 2013. Their mobile wallet network now reaches over 300 million mobile wallet holders across the globe.


Steady, the income optimization platform created for America's rapidly growing independent workforce, won the Startup Pitch at Money20/20 in Las Vegas at the 2017 show. Steady has gone on to raise a total of $38.5M in funding.


Bruce Parker, CEO, ModoPayments, presented at Money20/20's LaunchPad360 in 2014. As Modo continues to expand its product offering they remain committed to delivering even better and simpler value propositions to merchants, banks, and their partners.

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