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Looking to forge new partnerships?

We know that partnerships are vital to the future of the industry to keep pushing forward and see innovation at scale. That's why partnerships and collaboration are baked into the experience.

Looking to forge new partnerships?

Set yourself up for success

Make your presence known. Together, we can create a memorable space on the show floor and secure meeting rooms to start off on the right foot with the best in class for potential partnerships.

Have an announcement with an existing partner? Money20/20 is kind of known for being the place where stories unfold. Is yours next?

At Money20/20, our network is your network. Get in touch with the right people, and make it count to collaborate on the next big thing!

The partnerships that launched at Money20/20

These collabs changed the game

American Express Partners with Nova Credit

American Express and fintech startup Nova Credit debuted a "credit passport" that lets immigrants from five countries share their international credit histories within Amex's online application to build credit in the U.S.

Vantiv Partners with AEVI

Vantiv Partners with AEVI to Enhance SmartPay Terminals. The first-of-its-kind open marketplace solution on Vantiv's SmartPay Terminals empowers merchants with an application platform that revolutionizes payments at the Point of Sale.

Google, Visa & Mastercard to get rid of passwords

Google, Visa & Mastercard want to get rid of passwords. Hate passwords? So do tech companies, merchants and payment processors. The new partnerships opened up hundreds of thousands of new sites to Android Pay.

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