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New to the industry?

Don't sweat it! We serve as the catalyst for companies looking to penetrate the competitive payments landscape. New participants entering the market turn to the global Money20/20 stage to lay the groundwork for successful partnerships and to prepare to go head-to-head with the competition.

New to the industry?

Showcase your new brand

Let's build an immersive branding program using a rich variety of physical and digital options

Jaw-dropping banners, outdoor marquees, airport branding and meeting space signage enable attendees to connect with your brand

Create a memorable home base while onsite with an impressive booth at the heart of the Money20/20 experience

Together we can create experiential activations that will engage, educate, and captivate our audience

See stories of companies launched at Money20/20

Chime unveils it's new banking app at Money20/20

Before "neobank" was a term, Chris Britt introcuded the Money20/20 audience to what would become the leader in US challenger banking - a new company called Chime.

Zebit launches providing financing to underserved

At Money20/20's 2014 event Zebit launched the first fully automated payment system that provides zero-interest credit to the 68 million Americans underserved by traditional financial services.

Acorns demo at Money20/20

Acorns was the first true micro investing company, allowing people to round up purchases and automatically invest the change. Weeks after the company launched, Jeff Cruttenden took the stage and showcased their revolutionary product in front of the Money20/20 audience.

"Money20/20 is really important to us. We know it’s where everyone from the largest banks to the smallest fintechs meetup to collaborate. We knew it was the place to reach banks and introduce them to Bumped’s technology."

Amy Dunn

Vice President of Marketing & Communications


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