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Looking to differentiate?

Aren't we all? The world of Payments and FinTech is crowded (to say the least), but we position brands like Plaid, Socure and Google to steal the show in a big way.

A Money20/20 sponsorship is your chance to play and push your team’s boundaries of creativity so you can leave a lasting impression that goes beyond Vegas.

Looking to differentiate?

Stand out and get noticed

Jaw-dropping banners, outdoor marquees, airport branding and larger than life signage will get you the attention you deserve

Level up your creativity and design remarkable activations or unique experiences that will captivate our audience

Bring back the fun and host a networking reception that will get everyone talking - add irresistible food to the mix and you'll be golden

Build an innovative lounge so you can position your space as the best place to be when looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of Money20/20

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