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Money20/20 is the industry's premier platform for the most important voices across Payments, Banking, Fintech and Financial Services. Our community is powerful and The MoneyPot podcast showases these voices beyond the 4 days in Vegas.

Check out the latest episodes of The MoneyPot podcast. Prepare to deep dive into the forces and ideas reshaping the future of money!

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The Money20/20 Impact

It’s no coincidence that Money20/20 came on to the scene just as the world of Payments, Fintech and Financial Services began its trajectory of record-breaking growth, investment and opportunity.

We won’t take all the credit though, we’re just a vessel. One that puts the ecosystem’s most outrageously smart individuals in a room with the most powerful. One that facilitates 4 months’ worth of meetings in 4 days. One that breaks down the walls dividing our ecosystem with the power of knowledge and insight. Come October, we‘re just a vessel full of creators and builders of the future of money.

Watch 2019's Most Popular Sessions

Last year's event broke new ground. We witnessed major announcements, a record number of meetings, tons of positive feedback and our partners and attendees are already reaping the rewards.

Watch some of the most popular sessions and catch-up on ones you missed to soak up all the learnings from Vegas.

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Get Ready for 2020

In 2020 we will deliver a truly remarkable experience as we celebrate our 9th annual event in Las Vegas. When you unite 10,000+ innovators and decision makers, 2,500+ C-Level Executives, 450+ renowned speakers and 3,500+ industry-leading companies a little Money20/20 magic happens.

Make your plans early to maximize your 2020 budget!

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You should come to Money20/20 not only for the presentations or the conversations but also to meet new people and find people who are thinking about what you’re going after in a different way. It changes your perspective.
Jack Dorsey

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