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The attending companies list has landed!

We know you've been itching to know which fintech power players are already signed up for this year's show! So it's about time we give you a look at some of the companies ready to take Money20/20 USA by storm.

Download our attendee list below (spoiler: it’s only going to get bigger from here!) and see who you could meet.

Download our ever-growing 2022 attending companies list

Take a look back at 2021 attending companies

With 8,000+ attendees from 2,800+ companies and 6,600+ meetings booked via the app - Money 20/20 proved yet again that this is the only fintech show you need to be a part of. See which leading companies came to our show in 2021.

Where fintech unites

Money20/20 was founded by payments and fintech veterans from Google, TSYS and Citi. They broke the stereotypes anchored in snoozefest business conferences, and designed an unparalleled experience built for the industry, by the industry. With payments at our core, we consistently unite the entire fintech community to shape what’s next.

"Money20/20 is a really valuable event because it brings together a bunch of different types of people that come from e-commerce, retail, financial services and provides me with insight in areas that I don’t typically think about. "

Harley Finkelstein



Payments companies that attend

Over the last year, the global pandemic changed the power dynamics in the payments industry by compressing 5 years worth of change into less than a year and there was a massive shift to e-commerce, contactless and mobile payments.

Join the likes of these companies leading the charge for payments innovation to be part of the revolution.

Banks that attend

2020 accelerated digital transformation and proved how important it is to have great digital experiences.

More changes to infrastructure, innovative uses of data, and investment in technology will be at the leading edge of banking in 2021 as the demand for digital remains. Join the ranks of these major players in the industry and be part of the conversations reshaping the future of money.

Tech companies that attend

Big Tech is a vital part of the financial services industry. And with new technology advancements happening every day, Big Tech players have a crucial role in delivering at scale and speed on things like personalization, new uses of data, 5G, and more. Join the charge to innovate the industry and keep accelerating digital and tech growth.