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Money20/20 USA Agenda

Insights That Push Your Business Forward


Introducing Our 2024 Show Theme: Human X Machine

Humans and our increasingly intelligent machine counterparts are combining to create a whole new world.

We must prepare to witness a metamorphosis, where the interplay of consumer and business interactions ascend to new heights, redefining not only what we experience but how we experience it.

In this age of transformation, efficiency will increase in ways we can’t comprehend and there’s no portion of our ecosystem that will remain untouched by the collaboration between humans and machines.

We will unveil the stories of those exceptional beings, the superhumans, who dare to navigate this uncharted territory.

Our Take On 2024 Predictions

Hate it or love it, predictions season is here. But let’s be real, can anyone really predict what the future of money holds? Well...our Money20/20 USA fintech gurus can try! Get ready for our take on predictions armed with wisdom and a generous dose of skepticism – or as we fondly called it last year, 'Who In The F Knows’.

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Ready To Take The Stage? Our Call For Content Opens April 2024!

2023: Insights That Drove Our Industry Forward


In October 2023 our agenda rocked the industry. We welcomed top experts on reimagined stages to make a one-of-a-kind experience for our attendees to walk away with new ideas and insights.
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Meet the speakers who joined us in 2023. Spoiler, leaders from a16z, Coinbase, Navan, CLEAR and more rocked our stages.

Agenda Show Story

Laying the groundwork for critical conversations, the 2023 agenda read like a chapter book: 1. Trust & Uncertainty 2. Creative Destruction & A Technological Renaissance 2. Age of Fundamentals and 4. It’s Time to Build (Utility). See the full story below.

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