Important Show Timetable

Important Show Timings Below:

Saturday 10/22 - Meeting Rooms Only: 1pm - (24 hr access)

Saturday 10/22 - Exhibit Hall - EACs Only: 1pm – 8pm

If an EAC needs to be in hall past 8pm – call The Expo Group for approval

Sunday 10/23 - Exhibit Hall - EACs Only: 8am – 6pm

Sunday 10/23 - Exhibit Hall - ALL SPONSOR ACCESS (excluding AI & Product Pavilion): 3pm - 6pm

All exhibits must be fully installed, empty containers removed and moved to storage by 6pm

Sunday 10/23 - Hospitality Suites: Check-in from 3pm

Monday 10/24 - ALL SPONSOR ACCESS: 6.30am - 8.30am Sponsor access is for final booth dressing only

Tuesday 10/25: ALL SPONSOR EARLY ACCESS TO SHOW FLOOR: from 7.30am - Sponsor access is for pre-show opening booth set-up/dressing

Wednesday 10/26: ALL SPONSOR EARLY ACCESS TO SHOW FLOOR: from 8am - Sponsor access is for pre-show opening booth set-up/dressing

Wednesday 10/26 - ALL BREAKDOWN Meeting Rooms: 1pm - 8pm Exhibit Hall: 1pm - 8pm (All booths must be dismantled by 7pm) Hospitality Suites: Check-out by 11am

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Sponsor Profile

As a Money20/20 Sponsor, you can Submit your profile here to be uploaded onto our who’s coming page. Required logo formats are as follows:

  • SVG/ EPS or AI for onsite signage (Important: without the correct format we will be unable to print onsite)
  • PNG/ JPEG or SVG for website and APP use

Please also ensure you supply us with both a dark and light version of your logo for use on alternative backgrounds. If you have submitted already you can just email any additional logos or amendments directly to

Please allow up to 7 Working Days for profiles to be updated as we get nearer to the show.

Official Contractors

Official Contractors

Money20/20 USA has a group of official contractors who offer services for the show, these include;

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind the magic of Money20/20. We’re all just one click away and ready to ensure you have the greatest possible experience at our show.