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Sponsor FAQ's

Q: What is my booth number? A: You can view your booth number by searching your company name on our live floorplan here. Alternatively you can email your Account Manager or the operations team on

Q: When can I access my booth? A: Depending on the size of your booth will depend on when you can access the halls. The full event timetable can be found here

Exhibitor Move-in

Sat. Oct. 23, 2021 1:00 PM to 7:00PM Meeting room access and build only. EACs and Exhibitors who have meeting rooms. No access for booth build on this day.

Sun. Oct. 24, 2021 7:00 AM To 6:00 PM Booths 400 sq. ft. or larger. EACs only

Sun. Oct. 24, 2021 1:00 PM To 6:00 PM Booths 399 sq. ft. or less. EACs only

Sun. Oct. 24, 2021 3:00 PM - 6:00PM Exhibitor access for booth checking/ final setting

Sun. Oct. 24, 2021 3:30 PM To 5:00 PM Quiet Hours

Mon. Oct. 25, 2021 6:00 AM To 8:30 AM Exhibitor access for kiosks, meeting cubes & meeting pods / Product Innovation

All contractors must have completed the relevant EAC forms before arrival. Details can be found here

Q: When is breakdown? A. Please refer to our official timetable in our sponsor portal for all show times. Breakdown will commence on Wednesday at 1:30pm.

Breakdown details will be communicated to you on site. These can also be accessible via the organisers office.

Q: What is included in my standard booth package? A: Depending which booth size you have, will depend what is included in your package. Each sponsor will receive:

Standard Booth Backwall Drape: 8' High Black Sidewall Drape: 3' High Black Facility Carpeted: No Aisle Carpet Color: TBD

10x15 Turnkey: Booth Size: 10’x15’ 1-1M Counter with graphic 1-Table 4- Chairs 1-Wastebasket 1-Graphic Backwall sized 174.25"W x 92.75"H 1-Graphic kickpanel for counter, sized 38.125"W x 35.375"H

10x20 Turnkey: Booth Size: 10’x20’ 1-1M Counter with graphic 1-Table 4- Chairs 1-Baja Loveseat 2- White Vibe Cube Ottomans 1-Wastebasket 1-Graphic Backwall sized 234.375"W x 93"H 1-Graphic kickpanel for counter, sized 38.125"W x 35.375"H

Kiosk: Each kiosk will consist of: One side of a pre-built structure 1-Table 2- Chairs 1-Wastebasket 1-Graphic Cling sized 36”W x36”H Due to fire marshal regulations, additional furniture, displays, promotional materials, signage, etc. may NOT be placed on the floor surrounding each kiosk.

Meeting Cube: Booth Size: 5M x 5M 1- Table 6- Chairs 1-Wastebasket 1-Graphic cling on plexi panel, sized 36"W x 36"H

Q: Where can I order upgrades for my booth? Order through GES here

Q: Is there a height restriction for my exhibition space? A: Standard booths are 8ft high and if you wish to build within this space you must keep to this height limit.

If you have a space only booth, you can build up to 16ft high including any hanging signs. If you wish to have a double decker, this must be pre approved by Money20/20 via the booth approval -

Q: I have a space only booth, what is included in my package? A:These booths are sold as space only. All build, production, electric, carpet and catering needs to be arranged by the exhibitor. Click here to find out more detail

Complimentary WIFI will be provided in the exhibit hall, however, if you need a faster, more reliable connection, we strongly recommend ordering a dedicated internet connection from SES

Q: How do I order extra furniture or lighting? A: You can order furniture or lighting through the Sponsor Portal, directly with GES. Your furniture and lighting will be installed on your booth during the build-up. Please note a surcharge may be added depending on when you place your order, please do keep an eye on deadlines which can be viewed here. Further information on this can be found on the sponsor portal.

Q: What is the deadline for booth plans? A: Booth plans should be submitted by 8th October. Please upload the documents here to our official booth plan approvers. The team can be contacted on: E:

Q: What are the regulations for space only builds? A: A copy of our space only build and regulations can be found here.

Q: Am I permitted to rig above my booth? A: Rigging is permitted within the exhibition hall if your booth is 20x20ft and above. Booths can rig up to 16ft high, topside of the banner. All rigging needs to be approved by Abraxys.

Q: Who are the official contractors for the show? A: Our official contractors and the services they provide are shown below. If you require further information about the services they provide, please reach out to them directly.

Supplier Offering Contact
GES Graphics, carpet, Furnishings, Material handling, Rigging labour Order
Freeman AV
SES Electrics, cleaning, WiFi, Catering
ExpoTools Lead Capture Order

Q: I already have insurance; do I need to take out additional insurance from Ascential? A: We will need to see your insurance documents prior to the event to ensure it fits in line with our policy.

You will be emailed two invoices once you have signed for your sponsorship, one of which will be an invoice for the $250 insurance fee. You should then receive an email from with the link to their online portal, if you are already insured simply upload proof to their online system and once approved the fee will be waived.

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors need to complete separate EAC forms

Q: What security do you provide to keep the products on my booth secure? A: There will be security at the event but we do advise that no valuables are left on your booth unattended. Neither Ascential or The Venetian accept liability for lost or stolen goods.


Q: What’s included in my meeting room? A: Meeting room space and carpet.

Q: What's not included in my meeting room? A:

  • Power
  • A/V
  • Food and Beverage

A/V and other services may be ordered online through the GES Exhibitor Kit Outside catering can not be brought in, all catering must be ordered via SES

Q: I have a question about the room set up, who should I contact? A: Meeting room level 1 - Meeting room level 2 - Meeting room level 3 -

Q: Do I need a delegate pass to access my meeting room? A: Yes. All attendees to the meeting rooms must have a delegate pass

Q: Do I need to provide plans for my meeting room layout? A: Yes. All plans must be submitted to Abraxys - Upload here


Q: What’s included in my Hospitality Suite? A: Access is from Sunday check in through to Wednesday check out. One furniture configuration is provided FOC, other changes to be arranged and paid for directly with the hotel.

10 delegate passes included in the package.

Q: Do I need a delegate pass to access my hospitality suite? A: Yes. Access to the Hospitality suites is limited to individuals with a Money20/20 delegate pass.

Q: I want to make amendments to my setup, order catering, who do I contact? A:


Q: How do I change the information on my profile? A: If you require any amendments to your company profile, please email and we will be happy to make the changes for you. We will let you know when the change has been made.

If you haven’t yet submitted your profile, we urge you to do so as soon as possible via this link to increase your brand's presence. Your online profile acts as a virtual booth that will engage and influence delegates before, during and after your appearance at the live event.


Q: How do I assign my delegate pass?__ All passes can be assigned online here. You can now access your allocated Money20/20 USA sponsorship passes online, simply create an account or login if you have one already. Our attendee list tools are going live for our sponsors in early September. To make sure you and your team get the attendee list as soon as it's released and can start planning, let's get your team registered ASAP. Names can always be swapped out later if circumstances change.


  • Once logged in, navigate to Purchased Passes
  • Click on Provide more details
  • Add a photo, click Save and close

You can sign back in at any time to make changes to the pass(es), upload photos, or download a visa letter if anyone in your team requires one for the trip. You can also find our FAQs here.

Q: When will I get my sponsor/delegate pass? A: Your sponsor pass will be available for collection at the registration area within the entrance of the show. Registration will be open from 3:00PM on Saturday 23 October.

If you have any questions regarding registration, including how many passes you have in your sponsorship package or if you wish to purchase additional passes, we have a dedicated team who will be happy to help and can be contacted on:

Please see a our show and registrations FAQ’s for more information


Q: Is there Wi-Fi inside the hall? A: Wi-Fi is available throughout the show and details to login can be found on the back of your delegate badge. The Wi-Fi is public and will be used by delegates and teams throughout the Show, therefore if you require the internet for demonstrations or consistent use on your booth we highly recommend ordering a hard wire or additional Wi-Fi for your booth space.

Order WiFi through SES

Q: Is there a cloakroom A: The cloakroom is situated on Level 1 (one floor below badge collection) Items must be collected at the end of each day. Items must be a reasonable size for the cloakroom to accommodate.

COVID Regulations

Q. What Covid regulations are in place at the show? A. Money20/20 USA will be run according to the guidance of the Nevada State regulations, and any venue-specific regulations. These are being constantly reviewed and we will adjust our Safety Plan as necessary to match the latest medical advice and government regulations. See our full safety plan here

Q: Are your staff first aid trained? A: We will have a team of qualified first aiders on site and a separate quarantine area. Please do not attend the show if you are feeling unwell. We will follow the Nevada State regulations on detecting and managing anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19.

General Information