Exhibitor Stand and Venue Services

Venetian Expo Services

Venetian Expo Services (VES) provides:

Electrical, internet, plumbing (compressed air, water, drainage), rigging (lighting and hanging applications), telecommunications, catering and booth cleaning*, audio/visual and floral & plant services.

Orders must be placed through the VES website: order here.

Please note they are our exclusive providers, no other vendor can be used for these services

Further information can be found in the tabs on the left and in the venue's Exhibitor Success Guide.

Audio Visual

Audio Visual

Freeman are our official supplier for all your AV needs.

You can contact them on avservices@freeman.com



No outside food and beverage is allowed, catering must be ordered through the Venetian Expo Services

They can create custom gourmet menus to suit the needs of both large and small groups, featuring vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on nearly every menu, and minimize use of processed and GMO foods.

For more details or to order click here

Cleaning and Waste Management

Venetian Expo is the exclusive cleaning provider for all Booth Cleaning Services. Except for the initial wipe down, no non-Venetian Expo staff may perform custodial services, vacuum, or utilize floor cleaning equipment on the show floor. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a service charge based upon the total square footage of the booth.

Cleaning services can be ordered via the online portal


The cloakroom is situated in (location tbc). Items must be collected at the end of each day. Items must be a reasonable size for the cloakroom to accommodate, any larger packing cases and sponsor items must be stored with our logistics partners. Please see Storage information for further details.


For assistance or questions regarding booth lighting , AV or power, please contact the Exhibit & Business Service Center at 702.733.5070 or servicecenter@venetianlasvegas.com.

Internet and Wifi


vES does NOT provide wireless Internet access to exhibitors

Shared Internet Services are part of the shared exhibitor network. All hard wired lines connected to the shared exhibitor network will be shared with all other exhibitors on this network. This is a shared service and the network can experience bandwidth fluctuations during peak event times. There is no guarantee of consistent speeds throughout the event. If you require consistent speeds or more than 10Mbps of bandwidth, please choose one of our dedicated service options via the portal.

Please contact us at SESInternetSupport@ses.venetianlasvegas.com or you may also call 702-733-5531 Monday through Friday from 8 AM PST to 5 PM PST.


VES offers a full-range of equipment as well as lighting design, truss packages, and sign hanging services.

Because rigging jobs can vary greatly based on the work being done, we are happy to provide individual quotes for specific work. Please call 702.733.5655 or email:SESProductionsExpoSales@ses.venetianlasvegas.com

Stand and venue security

Security will be operational throughout Money20/20 USA. Money20/20 USA will take all reasonable security precautions possible during build-up, open days and breakdown. However, all sponsors are advised that sensible steps should be taken by themselves to protect their property. Please see the following tips to help you secure your stand and the products you are exhibiting; We advise you to lock away any valuable items overnight or when unattended in lockable cupboards / drawers etc. Remove any small carriable items off your stand if possible.

  • Use any locks if applicable to enable you to secure your items to desktops / shelves etc. during the exhibition open times.
  • Have your stand and valuable items manned by a member of your staff at all times sponsors are strongly advised against leaving valuables unattended on their stand.
  • Please speak to your insurance company for proper coverage on any material from the time of travelling to the show until you return to your premises.

If you require any temporary staff for your duration at the event, whether this be hosts/hostesses or interpreters please arrange directly with the venue.

Anyone attending Money20/20 must be appropriately dressed for the whole duration of the show, in smart attire. It is important that you maintain a professional image and adhere to the dress code policy. Here's some general guidelines to follow:

  1. All clothing should be clean and in good shape.
  2. All clothing should be professional, meaning not too revealing

Please note that everyone attending the show, including temporary staffing that you bring with you, including baristas must have a pass to gain access.

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Sponsor Profile

As a Money20/20 Sponsor, you can Submit your profile here to be uploaded onto our who’s coming page. Required logo formats are as follows:

  • SVG/ EPS or AI for onsite signage (Important: without the correct format we will be unable to print onsite)
  • PNG/ JPEG or SVG for website and APP use

Please also ensure you supply us with both a dark and light version of your logo for use on alternative backgrounds. If you have submitted already you can just email any additional logos or amendments directly to assistus@money2020.com

Please allow up to 7 Working Days for profiles to be updated as we get nearer to the show.

Official Contractors

Official Contractors

Money20/20 USA has a group of official contractors who offer services for the show, these include;

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