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Exhibitor Checklist

The Exhibitor Checklist provides you with a step by step list of what you need to complete before going onsite. We advise you to submit your order forms well in advance of the due date. Many services can be purchased onsite; however, discounts are only available until stated deadline.

Additional information and order forms for all of the services listed below can *be found in the TEG Sponsor Service Centre. Deadlines subject to change

Item Supplier and link Supplier contact details Deadline
Sponsor Profile Money20/20 Upload here 21st September 2022
Audio/Visual Freeman AV T: 214‐333‐1817 / 26th September 2022

| Booth Cleaning | VES | T: (702) 733-5070 / E: | 3rd October 2022 | Booth and Meeting Room Build Approval (booths 20’x20’ and larger & 10’x20’ island booths. *Meeting room builds to be submitted for approval | Abraxy Global Upload here | E: | 9th September 2022 | | Carpet | TEG | | 22nd August 2022 | | Electrics | VES | T: (702) 733-5070 / E: | 3rd October 3rd 2022
| Furnishings | TEG | | 22nd August 2022 | | Graphics | TEG | | 22nd August 2022 |
|Hanging Sign Labor | TEG | | 22nd August 2022 | | Installation/ Dismantle Labor | TEG | | Date tbc 2022 | | Internet Services | VES | T: (702) 733-5070 / E: | 3rd October 2022 | | Lead Capture | ExpoTools | T: (866) 229-8470 ext. 1 / E: | Early Bird Price ends 23rd September 2022, Standard Price Ends 23rd October 2022, Orders can be placed on-site | | Material Handling | TEG | | orders after October 8th not guarenteed | | Rigging | VES | T: (702) 733-5070 / E: | 3rd October 2022 | | Shipping | TEG | | orders after October 8th not guarenteed |

In addition to the items above, please ensure you have insurance and if applicable your EAC scompleted.

Insurance For your protection all exhibitors are required to provide evidence of adequate Public liability insurance cover in order to exhibit at Money20/20. As a ‘Participating Exhibitor’ cover has been automatically arranged on your behalf under the Insurance Policy issued to Ascential Group Ltd.

Insurance Process Once contract signed you will receive two emails within 2-3 days: One from our customer accounts team with insurance details & invoice for the $250 fee. Second email from our insurance partners Inevexco ( with link to their online portal. You can either pay the invoice or provide evidence of your own insurance policy via the Inevexco portal. Once documents are approved, fee will be waived. See our General Terms of Business for details. If you have any doubts about what your insurance needs are please email with your queries and we will respond accordingly.

Invoice and Payment Once you have received invoice please take note of the breakdown of payment & due date. Any payment queries contact

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC): If your company plans to utilize the services of any independent contractors other than our approved contractors, you must complete and submit an EAC form.

Or Email:

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