Booth Visuals

Pipe and Drape Booths 10x10

10x 10 Booth with Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape Booths 20x10 20 x 10 Booth with Pipe and Drape

Click here for Pipe and Drape Upgrade options

Visit TEG Service Centre for more details.

Show Ready/ Alternative Booth Solutions

The Expo Booth offer a number of Show Ready Solutions. Please see package below as an example. You can download full upgrade options here.

Show Ready Booths

Upgraded Package #1 for 10x10 booth Includes:

• (1) 10x10 Standard cut black carpet • (1) 1M White asset counter (39” W x 42“ H graphic on kickpanel) • (1) Fabric backwall (117-3/16” W x 95-3/16“ H graphic) • Labor to install and dismantle • Daily vaccuming • Overhead lighting and electrical (for lights only - 5 AMP)

A/V / Audio Visual / Monitors ARE NOT included in the package, but may be easily ordered seperately. All custom furniture available to order.



For full build and break information and show access details please see our Event Timetable

Correct as of 26th May 2022

What's Included
  • Each 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’ inline booth will be set with 8’ high black back drape‚ 3’ high black side dividers. Note: 10' x 20' island booths do not come with pipe and drape.

  • Booths 300 sq. ft. or less will receive a 7” x 44” one-line identification sign. Booths larger than 300 sq. ft. may receive an exhibitor nameboard upon request.

  • Booth number floor decal

  • Complimentary Wifi will be provided in the exhibit hall, however, if you need a faster, more reliable connection, we strongly recommend ordering a dedicated internet connection from VES.

What's not included

The items below are not included in your booth package and you will be required to order them independently via VES

  • A/V - order via Freeman AV
  • Carpet
  • Furnishings
  • Food & Beverage
  • Power
Display Guidelines

Download the display guidelines including booth height and hanging sign restrictions.

Deadlines: All graphics must be submitted by the final deadline of 22nd August 2022

**Please note that artwork submitted after the deadline may be subject to additional charges and isn't guarenteed.

Important Documents

Insurance & EAC Requirements Don’t forget to check the insurance requirements via TEG Sponsor Service Centre

  • Notice of Intent to Hire an EAC
  • Certificate of Insurance for EACs

Order forms and deadlines For an overview of our official suppliers, order forms and deadlines, please refer to the Exhibitor Checklist



For your protection all exhibitors are required to provide evidence of adequate Public liability insurance cover in order to exhibit at Money20/20. As a ‘Participating Exhibitor’ cover has been automatically arranged on your behalf under the Insurance Policy issued to Ascential Group Ltd.

Insurance Process

Once contract signed you will receive two emails within 2-3 days: One from our customer accounts team with insurance details & invoice for the $250 fee.

You can either pay the invoice or provide evidence of your own insurance policy via the Inevexco portal. Once documents are approved, fee will be waived. See our General Terms of Business for details. If you have any doubts about what your insurance needs are please email with your queries and we will respond accordingly.

Invoice and Payment

Once you have received invoice please take note of the breakdown of payment & due date. Any payment queries contact

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC):

If your company plans to utilize the services of any independent contractors other than our approved contractors, you must complete and submit an EAC form.

Sponsorship spaces

Quick Links

Sponsor Profile

As a Money20/20 Sponsor, you can Submit your profile here to be uploaded onto our who’s coming page. Required logo formats are as follows:

  • SVG/ EPS or AI for onsite signage (Important: without the correct format we will be unable to print onsite)
  • PNG/ JPEG or SVG for website and APP use

Please also ensure you supply us with both a dark and light version of your logo for use on alternative backgrounds. If you have submitted already you can just email any additional logos or amendments directly to

Please allow up to 7 Working Days for profiles to be updated as we get nearer to the show.

Official Contractors

Official Contractors

Money20/20 USA has a group of official contractors who offer services for the show, these include;

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind the magic of Money20/20. We’re all just one click away and ready to ensure you have the greatest possible experience at our show.