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Shaping the New Frontier of Fintech

Calling all Startups: MoneyPitch is Back!

New Formats for 2021

Here's a sneak peek at some of the new formats you'll be experiencing this year in Vegas. Strap in for a fun ride.  

The Money Challenge

A different take on a debate where we challenge the industry to submit their boldest, most controversial “arguments.” The public gets to weigh in to select their favorite debate and the lucky winners earn a spot on our stages.

The Big Xchange

All panelists must bring unique and different perspectives to the table. No kumbaya moments here. Radical viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged.


Is there a single idea you want to shout to the world? Then this is the format for you. Embrace a 5 minute, 15 slide, fast-paced presentation that relies on the mind and heart of the speaker.

A new financial system sending ripples across the industry

A world once dominated by behemoths has been upended by aggressive disruptors growing at SPACtacular rates. Technological breakthroughs, embedded finance, and powerful platforms are streamlining the proliferation of financial services. A new level of digitalization fueled a tremendous dependency on fintech and compressed a decade’s worth of change into a single year.

This new paradigm has ushered in the new frontier of fintech, bringing with it the opportunity to finally create the financial utopia we’ve been talking about since our inception in 2012. The collaborations, collisions, and conversations you experience at our show shape what's next and unleash the potential of our ecosystem.



Ceci n’est pas un podcast

NFTs are being talked about everywhere, but not explained easily anywhere. So, we made an episode of #TheMoneyPot where we explain the history, the current fervor, and genuine problem NFTs solve, and of course we made an NFT to help us make sense of it all.

Square's David Rusenko's take on SMEs

The ability to be a digital business is now a matter of survival for SMEs. Tackling complex banking issues for shop owners has always been about giving them innovative tools. Now, it’s about helping them manage the complexity of adding more channels.