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What Was 2022's Content Focus?

Money20/20 USA has always been at the forefront of fintech insights and keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. For 2022, our agenda focused on stories told through four distinct lenses - vulnerability, defense and offense, chain reactions, and experiences - detailed below.

Hear directly from US Content Director Zach Anderson Pettet for a breakdown on the 2022 content focus.

Overview Of 2022 Thematic Lenses

Vulnerability, defense and offense, chain reactions, and experiences - what does it all mean?


Vulnerabilities, we know, it’s a terrifying word. But there are two sides to every term. We know that it can feel like a weakness, but it is also at the heart of innovation. It is only when we are open to new ideas and change that we can improve or re-create systems. It is also only when we are aware of our weaknesses that we can begin to solve problems. The world feels vulnerable right now, but every crisis presents opportunities for growth. We talked about macro issues - like worries over a bear market and inflation. Also models like open finance and embedded services that will change how money moves and who moves it. As well as safe data and cyber security on all levels. Every solution starts with understanding the possibilities- so more than anything we talked about what is possible.

Offense & Defense

When we see change coming, those are generally the two reactions we have; go on offense or defense. This October many of the conversations on our stages were told through the lens of fraud, regulation, and policy. We wanted to hear your stories on revolutionary product development, better UX, and how you’re serving sectors like small business and the creator economy. In the end, the ability to preserve what is valuable and still get ready to face the next wave of change go hand in hand.

Chain Reactions

Turns out Isaac Newton was right - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Previously immovable objects are being acted on by unstoppable and unforeseen forces. As we strive to solve problems, unintended new problems are created, and with that, you guessed it, new opportunities. We talked about changing global rails and payment networks, the continued growth of crypto and its use cases. Even use cases with real utility! Financial services, fintech, embedded finance, whatever your buzzword, it matters. It impacts everyone on earth. We explored how consequence, intended or unintended, can give us clues about what happens next.


The world is full of new wonders, and of course Money20/20 USA explored them all. We are entering an era where our physical and digital experiences are increasingly blurred. Web3 is being built and the nature of its future is at stake. We discussed the metaverse, what NFTs and tokenization really mean, and how we need to think about identity and privacy. There are new markets in limbo as dark markets become light.