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The New Frontier of Fintech

Speaker applications close May 28th

Speaker applications are OPEN

Don't miss your chance to be centerstage at Money20/20 this Fall. Come out from behind your screen and land on the shores of the next frontier. Make your legacy known and amplify your latest game-changing products, solutions, and stories that will make headlines.

A new financial system sending ripples across the industry

A world once dominated by behemoths has been upended by aggressive disruptors growing at SPACtacular rates. Technological breakthroughs, embedded finance, and powerful platforms are streamlining the proliferation of financial services. A new level of digitalization fueled a tremendous dependency on fintech and compressed a decade’s worth of change into a single year.

This new paradigm has ushered in the new frontier of fintech, bringing with it the opportunity to finally create the financial utopia we’ve been talking about since our inception in 2012. The collaborations, collisions, and conversations you experience at our show shape what's next and unleash the potential of our ecosystem.


Square's David Rusenko's take on SMEs

The ability to be a digital business is now a matter of survival for SMEs. Tackling complex banking issues for shop owners has always been about giving them innovative tools. Now, it’s about helping them manage the complexity of adding more channels.