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Shaping the New Frontier of Fintech

A new financial system sending ripples across the industry

A world once dominated by behemoths has been upended by aggressive disruptors growing at SPACtacular rates. Technological breakthroughs, embedded finance, and powerful platforms are streamlining the proliferation of financial services. A new level of digitalization fueled a tremendous dependency on fintech and compressed a decade’s worth of change into a single year.

This new paradigm has ushered in the new frontier of fintech, bringing with it the opportunity to finally create the financial utopia we’ve been talking about since our inception in 2012. The collaborations, collisions, and conversations you experience at our show shape what's next and unleash the potential of our ecosystem.

Themes heard throughout Money20/20 in 2021

In an industry as dynamic as ours, there's a LOT to unpack throughout the event. Let's break it down.

Theme 1

The Product Innovation Edge

Whether augmenting existing products, or building from scratch, there is a creativity needed to define your product's purpose while adapting to your customer.

How are you heightening the bar of product success, capturing new markets and using your innovations to close gaps in existing segments? Let’s measure, debate and discuss what superlative, customer-focused product design looks like and assess the misses along the way.

Theme 2

Striking Digital Gold

Fintech is proving to be the wild west with record setting valuations and the SPAC path to IPO unsettling the course of business. Digital transactions fashioned by speed, security and convenience are critical, as are the digital ID's they're built on.

The immense implications of data have led to complex privacy and security issues in our regulated schemes. As we venture to strike gold in our digital experiences, how can we ensure that we also stand secure and compliant?

Theme 3

A Tokenized, Transparent, Trustless Tomorrow

Mirroring the birth of digital money, the democratization of information and finance is sparking new opportunities and risks. The movement towards decentralized finance aims to rid the financial system of intermediaries and give agency to the customer.

How are you riding the DeFi wave that challenges traditional financial structures and institutions? Let's explore the risks and rewards of trustless economies and permissionless financial systems that are more global and transparent in nature.

Theme 4

Strengthening the Tech Core

Many FI's still have not reached the promised land of a truly modernized tech stack. Our technical debt has caught up with us and must be paid with data richness, serious stakes in cloud, Ai, IoT, and nascent tech shaping banking and payments products.

The next generation of infrastructure will need a strong core to support everything from RTP rails to digital currencies. How are you innovating your tech stacks? Which building blocks will strengthen your core? Let’s examine possible tech investments for your business.

Theme 5

Every Company is a Fintech Company

As embedded finance offerings proliferate in the non-financial services spheres, opportunities of fuzing financial services into the journeys of retail, healthcare, energy, climate services, and advertising are providing smoother, frictionless journeys.

The trends of BNPL and creative credit solutions are reinventing the nature of the checkout. All signs point to a future where fintech is centered in every vertical. What ideas are you sparking in this new way forward?

New Formats for 2021

The Money Challenge

A different take on a debate where we challenge the industry to submit their boldest, most controversial “arguments.” The public gets to weigh in to select their favorite debate and the lucky winners earn a spot on our stages.

The Big Xchange

All panelists must bring unique and different perspectives to the table. No kumbaya moments here. Radical viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged.


Is there a single idea you want to shout to the world? Then this is the format for you. Embrace a 5 minute, 15 slide, fast-paced presentation that relies on the mind and heart of the speaker.

Meet the Content Advisory Board

Mohamed Abdelsadek

Executive Vice President, Services, North America


Robert Abrams

Director of Payments


Charles Delingpole

Founder & CEO


Lule Demmissie


Ally Invest (Ally Financial)

Kelly Fryer

Executive Director

Fintech Sandbox

David Galbraith


Anthemis Group

Kala Gibson

Chief Enterprise Corporate Responsibility Officer

Fifth Third Bank

Jason Goldberg

Head of Lending


Trina L. Hill

SVP - Technology Consumer Bank & Treasury


Alex Jimenez

Chief Strategy Officer


Travis Kling

Founder & CIO

Ikigai Asset Management

Melissa Koide

CEO & Director


Silvija Martincevic

Chief Commercial Officer


Chris Massey

Operating Partner for Policy & Public Affairs

Craft Ventures

Daragh Morrissey

Director - Microsoft WW Financial Services


Lola Oyelayo-Pearson

Director of UX


David Reiling

Chairman & CEO

Sunrise Banks

Laura Spiekerman

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer


Huma Usmani

SVP & Director, Banking as a Service

Lead Bank


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