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Shaping the Future of Fintech

A jam-packed program that will generate transformative ideas in an experiential setting designed to inspire.

Must-See Critical Sessions

Fintech's preeminent event is back, baby! What's cooking? A program that pushes innovation and will redefine boundaries that's focused on ROI and accelerating your goals.

While the team pulls together an agenda having you toil over countless 'this or that session' situations, take a peek at the sessions already slated promising no fluff and 100% insights.

Hot Topics: Let's Talk About It

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Heard of it? Thought so. A.I. here, A.I. there, and guess what? A.I. isn't going anywhere! BUT, I hear you ask, how can we make A.I. work for us in highly regulated industries? Hear success stories from those already making it work for their business. A few sessions include:

  • How A.I. is changing the game for home ownership
  • Steady Wins the Race: How A.I. Innovation Influences Trust & Safety
  • Sentient Stage
  • Artificially Intelligent Podcast
  • How A.I. and Private Capital Can Reshape Consumer Lending
  • A.I. and the Future of Checkout
  • The Future of Large Action Models in Finance

P.S. Did we mention, we'll have a stage powered by A.I.? Our hostess with the mostest, Aiana, will host our Sentient Stage. The robots are truly taking over.


How do you deliver enhanced experiences for your customers and improve the U.S. payment system while ensuring that your services are secure, efficient, and compliant with evolving changes in regulation? Talk about challenging. But these are the topics that get folks up in the morning, so let's goooooo. A few sessions include:

  • Borderless Payments Summit
  • Why isn't money as global as we are?
  • Instant Payments....The Time is Now
  • Faster Payments -- The Networks Want You To Build Applications
  • Why Rule 1033 is going to ease the pains of payments
  • Payments Conundrum in the Americas- the right path to success.


In an era (no, not those Eras, Swifties) fearless banks with fintech partners gain a reputation bringing solutions to market faster allowing them to meet customer expectations in accessibility, personalization, and ease of use. What is this, 1989? Set the stage for future success with sessions like:

  • To Be a Bank, or Not to Be
  • The Path to Explosive Growth: Cracking the Credit-Invisible Market
  • Mr. Open Banking Podcast
  • Open Banking Summit
  • Open banking and the future of the credit card
  • Banking Technology Summit
  • How Automated Effectiveness Testing Can Crack the Code for BaaS

Policy & Regulation

The industry is doing its best to rebuild trust in the banking system, our oversight system, and the economy in general. This is a special time in the world of finance in so many ways, and let's face it—we NEED expert guidance. We need answers! Fortunately, those answers are coming in the form of (more) regulatory clarity in sessions like:

  • The New Normal: Crafting Modern Regulations for BNPL and EWA
  • Is Congress Going to Kill Credit Card Rewards?
  • A.I. and Criminal Enterprise: Innovating to Secure our Digital World
  • Consumer Complaints: Reduce risk and improve compliance through A.I.-based analysis
  • Policy Deep Dive Summit


Fintech is really heating up in Latin America! While investment has somewhat cooled, LATAM is still a hot region for investment due to using more ingenuity, more cooperation, and seeing more opportunities across their regions than anywhere else. Talk about a major opportunity with open finance. Get the insights you need in sessions like:

  • LATAM Meetup
  • Global lessons: Can the US rock real-time and join the A2A A-list?
  • Trust, belief, and chaos: Lessons from leading a Brazilian unicorn
  • New era of payments value chain: lessons from LatAm
  • From Zero to One: Bancolombia's Digital Asset Journey
  • Transforming LATAM Payments: Digital Adoption and Fintech Innovations


With as much opportunity fintech provides, there's also those trying to ruin a good thing. As fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated, many companies are turning to tech solutions to protect their consumers and their reputations. Stay two steps ahead with sessions like:

  • The Global Scale of Money Laundering
  • A.I. and Criminal Enterprise: Innovating to Secure our Digital World
  • The Next Wave in Fraud Prevention: Leveraging Device Signals
  • Steady Wins the Race: How A.I. Innovation Influences Trust & Safety
  • Will Real Time Payments cause Real Time Fraud


To excel in today's fiercely competitive landscape, ya need to level up your marketing strategies. Back by popular demand from last year is Marketing Wednesday, a day where you'll dive deep into trends, innovations, AI and more shaping all things marketing! But just one day?! Don't worry, we'll have insightful sessions peppered throughout the agenda such as:

  • Choose Your Channels: Leveraging Owned Media, Influencers in Fintech Marketing
  • How FinTech Marketers Are Measuring Impact and Driving ROI with Content
  • Tech Marketers Uncorked
  • The Evolving Role of the CMO
  • Beyond Transactions: Unveiling the emotional currency of loyalty programs

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Crafted to bring together individuals with a shared passion for niche topics.


Brand new content-meets-connection space puts you in the studio audience.

The Sentient Stage

A.I. emcee, Aiana, leads the way providing insights critical to humans and machines alike.

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