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Marketing Wednesday

Back By Popular Demand For 2024

Marketing Wednesday Is Back With A Bang ( And A NEW Keynote)!

Welcome Reshma Peck, CMO of Experian as our newest keynote speaker!

This isn't just any player in the game, nope. Experian is THE LARGEST credit bureau, shaping the very backbone of our U.S. economy. With nearly 17 years at Experian, Reshma's got the secret sauce for building trust through savvy marketing moves.

Experian's success story isn't just a tale for the ages; it's the ultimate playbook on brand building and the importance of trust for our industry — and for YOU.

And guess what? During Marketing Wednesday you'll be able to gain these insights and more! Join us now.

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What's Marketing Wednesday All About?

Glad you asked! Marketing Wednesday is a day where you'll dive deep into the trends, strategies, and innovations shaping the industry. From new tactics being used to unraveling AI, we've got your burning questions covered.

Get Answers To Questions Like:

  • Which businesses are effectively leveraging marketing strategies in 2024?
  • Brands need to take risks to innovate. We hear about the wins, but what can we learn from the strikeouts?
  • How can businesses efficiently identify and reach their target audience to get max ROI?
  • How can AI be leveraged to enhance marketing strategies and drive tangible business results?
  • How do global brands build relevance in local markets?
  • What data should companies be measuring when it comes to measuring success?
  • What skills and focus areas are increasingly crucial for CMOS in 2024?

Oh, How Was It Last Year?

You mean the inspiring insights from Mastercard's CMO Raja Rajamannar on experiential marketing? Or how TikTok and Your Rich BFF talked about discovery and inspiration around finance? Or when VaynerMedia took the stage to talk about banking and adtech? Yeah, we're bringing that same energy and expertise for 2024 to the table, and then some.

Don't Miss Out - Join Us Now

Ready to polish your business strategies and refine your campaigns during Marketing Wednesday? Yea, we thought so.

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