Canopy is an API-first lending core that offers flexible infrastructure to build and launch innovative products. Clients use Canopy to create and manage solutions such as installment loans, charge cards, revolving credit, and BNPL.

Our cloud-based architecture ensures any brand can embed financial products, bring those products to market quickly, and support their customers with world-class service in a secure and compliant way.

With Canopy’s API and CanopyOS, fintechs, banks, and credit unions can improve repayment rates, increase net promoter scores, and decrease the cost of servicing for lending and credit card products. Our automations set agents up for success, while our partner ecosystem offers no-code/low-code integrations so you can launch with fewer developer resources.

Canopy also enables unique features such as the ability to modify accounts in real-time, test product constructs and behavior, create multiple policy sets for accounts, and retrieve the results of real-time or retroactive calculations.

Whether you're launching a new lending product, scaling an existing one, or going through a migration, Canopy is here to help. Learn more at

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