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Startups at Money20/20

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For the disruptors and the entrepreneurs

To the disruptors, the entrepreneurs, the change-makers, the risk-takers - it's your time to shine. Magic is always in the air in Vegas. Money20/20 has always celebrated those leading the charge in challenging the status quo, and we happen to be a catalyst for unicorns of the future. Now take that, and multiply it! The NEW Money20/20 is built to Connect, Inspire, Amplify, and Inform our community of brilliant innovators, builders, and entrepreneurs - like you!

The startup spirit is at the very heart of Money20/20. The collaborations, collisions, and conversations you experience at our show will help you shape your business, unleash powerful visibility, and leverage curated content to take it to the next level. Whether you come to Vegas as an attendee or put your gloves on to fight as the reigning MoneyPitch champion, at Money20/20, the opportunities to grow, learn, and make an impact are endless.

"The Money20/20 Startup Pitch is different from others simply in the scale and the breadth. We are at the premier fintech event, and so it brings the best of the best. Being apart of that has been a real privilege for us at SnapCheck."

Ken Kruszka

CEO & Founder


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