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Money20/20 Connect

AI Matchmaking Tool, Personalized Schedule, Event Alerts, and More!


What Can You Do With Money20/20 Connect?

  • Let our AI matchmaking tool connect you with decision-makers who matter to you.
  • Speak directly with matches via instant messaging.
  • Search, sort, and filter the full attendee list.
  • Book and accept unlimited meeting requests.
  • Build your own personal agenda.
  • View the floor plan.
  • Reserve tables for your meetings in the Connections Lounge.

Get Prepared

To get ahead, please ensure you have a Money20/20 website account. The email address linked to the account must match that on your pass. If you don’t have a Money20/20 website account or you have one with a different email address, please create one using the same email address as the one on your pass.

That's it! Once the app launches, all you'll need to do is log in using those same details. Happy connecting!

Are You Ready to Become A Fintech Game Changer?

Money20/20 USA isn’t just a show. It’s the place that transforms your business. Whether it's through building partnerships, accelerating deals, making breakthroughs, and raising your profile, this is where you come to grow your business. Don't miss out, join now.

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