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Zumigo is the frontline in digital identity verification, helping the largest financial institutions in the world secure transactions, devices and user accounts. With a multi-layer approach, Zumigo creates a unique digital identity network that spans global carrier providers, third-party data analytics and databases, and payment information to verify the identity of the user across the digital engagement journey, including account opening, multi-factor authentication, payment validation, etc. Zumigo solutions are:

More precise: Zumigo provides a risk score base on real-time authoritative data, rather than static history or predictive analytics – which can be delayed and inaccurate.

More secure: Security and privacy requirements are strictly enforced. Zumigo solution ensures all data privacy requirements are met by; implements end-user opt-in; and encrypts all data being shared.

More flexible: Zumigo allows businesses to choose from an extensive list of mobile identity options with easy-to-implement APIs that work with any existing platforms, and can leverage different formats for multi-factor authentication including QR code, SMS, email, and voice.

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