Money20/20 is going beyond the expected and delivering a roster of exciting new features in 2018. Each year, we strive to improve and better serve our attendees who help make us the world’s most important payments, commerce and financial services event. 

As we’re busy planning this year’s new additions, we couldn’t bear to keep them all a secret. 

Take a sneak peek into our important initiatives to come:

New Tracks

As our industry continues to grow and develop, so do the imperative topics of discussion. This year, we’ve included four new areas where we’ll provide insightful speakers ready to share world-renowned thought leadership.

New opportunities to network with speakers and your peers within each content track

Track themes and learnings unite minds from every sector of the industry, and have the potential to spark groundbreaking conversations. This year, we’re helping maximize your time onsite by bringing the two together— optimizing the potential that can be continued beyond content sessions.

More stages in the expo hall and new interactive session formats

This year, the expo hall will feature two stages, so you can easily stay at the heart of the action while maximizing your learnings. Both stages will spotlight thought-provoking content in a refreshing, interactive setting that is not to be missed.

Expanded coverage of Banking, Personal Finance & Wealth Management

Since our inception, banking has been at the core of Money20/20. As interest in this area has continued to soar, we’re eager to accommodate the high demand for banking, personal finance, and wealth management content. This year’s track will feature 2 full days of coverage, with more in-depth, deep dive workshops led by the industry’s most sought-after leaders.

More: In depth presentations, candid interviews, deep dive workshops & closed-door sessions

Money20/20 is providing stronger, in-depth learnings into the topics you’re most interested in, throughout each of our presentations, interviews, workshops, and exclusive closed-door sessions. You’ll walk away from Vegas with the insights needed to revolutionize not only your own business, but the entire payments, commerce and financial ecosystem as a whole.

Launching our first USA Roadshow

The Money20/20 Roadshow is bringing the best of Fintech to your hometown, through a series of intimate, niche events. In each city, you’ll gain our world-renowned industry insights and spark conversations that will fuel change. In uniting these local Fintech hubs, we’re keeping our pulse on the industry and facilitating initial connections to help you get the most out of Vegas.

More Ways for Startups to Make Their Mark

To accelerate the potential of the next generation of startups, we’re recruiting 100 of the industry’s brightest startups to be a part of the Money20/20 Startup Academy. Our VC Advisory Board will select the top 100 startups, who will each receive one complimentary pass to attend Money20/20 USA, along with invaluable benefits and perks.

Refreshed & Upgraded Poolside Reception

Our Poolside Reception at the kickoff of Money20/20 USA is being reinvigorated and extended, featuring three brand new pools all with a unique purpose in mind. In addition to more pools, we’ve added more time and more opportunities for networking – making it easier than ever to target those you’re looking to meet.


New Tracks: As our industry continues to grow and develop, so do the imperative topics of discussion. This year, we’ve included four new areas where we’ll provide insightful speakers ready to share world-renowned thought leadership.
More Variety: Track/Keynote formats alternate throughout the day.
Greater Depth: Fewer panelists per session; more depth of discussion.
More Presentations with the latest insights you shouldn’t miss.
Hard-Hitting Interviews
Case Studies Showcasing Real-World Innovation.
Provocative Debates:
Bank to the Future: Where We’re Going, Do We Need Banks?
Is Tokenization the Future of Digital       Payments?
AI in Lending: Will the Robots Take Over?
In-Depth Workshops 
• Identity is Fundamental: What You Need to Know About Identity & The Future of Money
• The Faster Money Challenge: Providers & Users Debate Solutions
• State-of-the-Art Digital Marketing: Acquiring FinTech Customers Online
Simpler Structure: Fewer concurrent tracks; easier to navigate agenda.
Enhanced Networking: Several new initiatives accelerating attendee exposure to the people, companies and ideas that can make them successful.

Join us this year and you’ll see why Money20/20 attracts the most diverse attendee base and facilitates learnings and relationships that drive collaboration and business success.