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We are an Atlanta-based cloud software company that offers a globally accessible data search due diligence solution supporting Know Your Customer (KYC), FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), and UK Bribery Act compliant global screening.

Our software delivers quality and up-to-date data that will help your organization save time, money and mitigate risk with customers, suppliers, contractors, partners, volunteers, and other risk associated third-party relationships.

Vital4's corporate risk and compliance technology solutions deliver accurate and high-quality data to protect against financial crimes, terrorism, bribery & corruption. Organizations across the globe use the Vital4 platform as a solution for FCPA mandated due diligence and AML/ KYC controls that mitigate risk across their enterprise.

Vital4 is used to screen and monitor employees and 3rd party relationships against thousands of global financial sanctions, watch lists, politically exposed persons (PEP) and tens of thousands of news & media sources around the world. Vital4 delivers detailed data on individuals and businesses across the globe, enabling subscribers to perform simple, streamlined due diligence.

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