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VIMworld is a groundbreaking blockchain-powered platform at the forefront of the digital financial asset revolution. With a vision to redefine wealth management for Gen Z and beyond, VIMworld will empower individuals with a new asset class that offers a seamless and immersive experience, fueling creativity, fostering financial education, and unlocking endless possibilities.

Sharing that same spirit of innovation and transformative power of blockchain is Vechain.

Vechain built the world’s leading enterprise-grade public blockchain, VechainThor - a platform that has gone on to support multiple Fortune 500s and businesses with their digital transformation strategies. Alongside prestigious global partner, Boston Consulting Group, they are spearheading a revolution in the field of sustainability, leveraging blockchain to build collaborative ecosystems that empower, incentivise and create meaningful environmental outcomes.

Blockchain is a once in a generation opportunity to evolve the world around us. VIMworld and Vechain are proud to be playing central roles in this unfolding breakthrough.

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