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Data-driven transformation in financial services Financial services firms need to transform toward a personalized, digital-first & data-driven experience that meets customer demand like never before. At the same time, regulators and business leaders require real-time and predictive views into a firm’s risk and compliance position. Cyber security and fraud tactics are rapidly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and financial firms are a prime target.

In order to be successful, firms must break down data silos and deliver analytic insights based on all of their data, regardless of where it is stored. They need to overcome the technical and skills-based barriers to operationalizing AI & ML.

Many financial services firms across the globe rely on Vertica to unify disparate data sources and remove the obstacles to deploying predictive models in production. Vertica customers are able to deliver customer insights, respond to a dynamic and evolving regulatory environment, and keep their assets and their customers safe from cybercrimes.

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