Vergent + IQDE

Meet Vergent and iQ Decision Engine -- two technology pioneers in fintech lending that can help lenders make more loans in less time with more precise risk selections and cutting-edge fraud tools.

Vergent + iQ Decision Engine (iQDE) is an all-in-one solution for lenders who provide personal lending products to end consumers. Our combined offering includes comprehensive loan origination and management software, servicing, collections; plus, proprietary risk and fraud scores.

With our solution, you’ll no longer have to manage separate software, data, and decisioning subscriptions. The combination of these two products gives lenders a powerful lending solution supported by agile, real-time decision-making that’s backed by the data sources lenders know and trust. Best of all, both solutions were created by lenders for lenders based on decades of consumer lending experience.

Vergent LMS is the most comprehensive Loan Management Software on the market. It encompasses the entire loan life cycle, from underwriting to servicing. The Vergent LMS platform has processed over $690 billion in transactions since inception.

iQDE automates lending decisions using proprietary models that help lenders evaluate risk, reduce fraud, and identify profitable leads. Decisions are delivered in a fraction of a second using advanced technologies that access and analyze information from leading prime and sub-prime credit bureaus and data providers. iQDE scoring models are currently in their 13th generation of refinement and are time-tested covering over $4 billion lent to more than 2.5 million consumers over the past 20 years.

With Vergent + iQDE, lenders are working with experts and have everything they need to manage and grow their lending business.

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