Our Team

Meet the team behind the magic of Money20/20 USA. We’re all just one click away and ready to ensure you have the greatest possible experience at our show.


Tracey Davies



Denise Medved

SVP, Money20/20 USA

Ken Gibbs


Scarlett Sieber

Chief Strategy & Growth Officer



Stephen Slattery

VP Global Sales

Vinny Rama

US Sales Director

Remi Kent

VP, Global Account Management

James Gibson

Senior Growth Account Director

Fay Burt

Growth Accounts Director

Mariam Jakhashvili

New Business Development Manager

Ian Stockstill

New Business Development Manager

Meg Tousey-Wyatt

New Business Sales Manager

Mitchell Hirschorn

Account Executive

Nicole Viafore

Senior Account Manager

Patrick Gargan

Business Development Manager

Ruhi Gandhi

Customer Success Manager, USA

Samantha Lerner

Account Executive, New Business

Content & Speaker Logistics

Zachary Pettet

Content Director, USA


Alma Solera

Head of Communities

Rachel Morrissey

Head of Content USA & Executive Producer, MoneyPot


Marketing & PR

Geraint Jones

VP, Marketing

Kathryn Frankson

Marketing Director

Cameron Kane

Head of Marketing

Tina Loncaric

Head of Public Relations

Celia Coules

Head of Marketing, Sponsorship

Katie Martel

Marketing Manager

Marden Peterson

Social Media Specialist

Creative & Experience

Mark Slade

VP, Product Development

Claire Ardley

Director of Commercial Product

Stephen Lechner

Art Director

Ralph Malden

Senior Designer

Claire Zen

Senior Designer

Katie Burke

Creative Project Manager

Louise O'Brien

Commercial Product Project Manager

Rebecca Wang


Delegate Experience & Operations Team

Leonie Gonzalez

SVP, Event Operations

Jen Ayres

Director of Operations

Sandra Quinteiro

Director of CX Operations

Sabrina DeRizzio-Willis

Head of Commercial Operations

Millie Newnum

Head of CX Operations

Ella Reid

Event Operations Lead, USA

Alex Davis

Commercial Operations Lead, USA

Carly Kurland

Senior Commercial Operations Executive, USA

Jesan Laking

Event Operations Executive

Madoussou Djoumande

CX Associate, USA

Angelique Galas

Commercial Operations Coordinator

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