A Money Revolution is sparked by the most innovative disruptors and entrepreneurs who create the unimaginable to drive change. The Startup Academy celebrates and accelerates the potential of the next generation of startups. Last year, 100 dynamic companies were selected for our inaugural class. In 2019, we’re proud to present the second iteration of this industry-shaping program.


Startup Academy Class of 2019

Each year, Money20/20 welcomes all startups who are vigorously working to revolutionize the future of money. With guidance from our VC Advisory Board, we select the top 100 startups who each receive one complimentary pass to attend Money20/20 USA along with a host of invaluable benefits and perks.

Taking part in the Money20/20 Startup Academy is your chance to get your brand in front of the most senior audience in financial services innovation, from C-Level executives to investors. This year, we will introduce an agenda track dedicated to startups and those innovating across the ecosystem. The Entrepreneurship and Investing track will offer insights on acquiring capital, piquing VC interest, scaling your business, innovating as an incumbent, and strategically winning in an evolving era of fintech.

Alumni of the inaugural class said:

“Before you attend Money2020, plan out your strategic initiatives. Single out industry contacts that you can schedule meetings with to ensure your time is well spent in Las Vegas.

MK Decision has been able to leverage our Money2020 Startup Academy experience into client partnerships and Venture Capital opportunities.
MK Decision learned that the FinTech industry is eager to partner and collaborate.

Money2020's Startup Academy helped us gain access to high-level executives at financial institutions and Venture Capital firms."

Har Rai Khalsa, MKDecision, CEO

“The Startup Academy program opened many doors for us from investors to prospective partners. The program itself helps you to set meetings with investors but when you're part of the Startup Academy at Money2020 you can easily break through the noise with a targeted email in advance of your trip. My calendar was full of high quality investor and partner meetings during the show and being named to the Startup Academy is one of the reasons.”

Jeremy Black, CEO, Every

"As a CEO - going to the Startup Academy is one of the best things you could do with your time, great exposure and tremendous networking opportunities to business partners and fellow entrepreneurs. I'm not a conference fan, but this one I really liked!" 

Tomer Kashi, CEO, SkyWatch.AI

"The Startup Academy is Money20/20's finest offering for dedicated aspiring entrepreneurs and committed successful founders, with a deep spirit of collaboration and realtime constructive feedback. Through this community, we (Rocket Dollar) enhanced our offering to yield exponential revenue growth and market awareness. Rocket Dollar is now positioned to empower our 2018 Academy classmates to raise more money faster and claim their share of the $10Trillion retirement dollars ripe and ready to be invested in the world's top fintech companies."

Dan Kryzanowski | Executive Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, Rocket Dollar

Eligibility requirements:

In order to apply for the Startup Academy, your startup must:

  • Have raised less than $3 million in equity funding
  • Been incorporated for less than 3 years
  • Be a first-time attendee of Money20/20 US

If you're not sure if you qualify, feel free to still apply and we will be in touch. Or you can contact us at info@money2020.com to find out more.


  • Applications will close on July 19, 2019.
  • In August 2019, you will be notified if you have been successfully selected to take part in the 2019 Startup Academy.
  • In August 2019, we will also invite our 2019 Startup Academy cohort to upgrade to an exhibition space in Startup City.
  • In August 2019, we will announce which startups from the cohort are selected to participate in our Startup Pitch. This year, companies featured in our renowned Startup Pitch will be solely selected from our Academy cohort.