Lights. Camera. Action!

Purpose-Driven Stages To Illuminate The Next Big Idea

We come to this place for magic. We come to... oh wait, we're not recording Nicole Kidman's AMC commerical.

Attendees leave the Money20/20 show with that indescribable feeling of not only seeing fintech celebrities and hearing what's now and next for the industry, but an immersive experience that was crafted to perfectly encapsulate the story being shared on stage. Elevated beyond the basic pipe and drape, come see for yourself what we have in store for you.

Sunday Night Live

One night only! Sunday, October 23 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Our opening night stage is packed full of world-class headliners and very special guests plus it comes with its very own live music soundtrack. As Fintech keynotes go, this could be the G.O.A.T. Be sure to stick around for the after party too - it's going to be SENSATIONal.

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M Pulse Stage

The beating heart of Money20/20 is located in the middle of the show floor where astounding announcements, delightful demos, and pioneering pitches (no pressure!) flow at a fast pace. Grab and go or dive in and get comfy.

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Bzzzzzz sure to stop by the home of the official Money20/20 podcast where you can enjoy all the action live inside the hive studio - from the non-sticky comfort of the viewing lounge. Grab some headphones and a sofa and tune into insightful talks and passionate debates hosted by the Queen Bee of the Money20/20 US content team, Rachel Morrissy. Warning: mind the bees in the bushes.

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Between Two...

What magic will unfold between the mystery objects and will you be there to harness its kinetic energy? Confused? Concerned? Don't be. Our resident scientist will be on hand to ensure that the fantastic breadth of talks and panels - on this part content stage, part science experiment - runs smoothly and safely.

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Showtime Stage

Las Vegas we love you so much that we built a stage in your likeness. Kind of. Big stage, big lights, big names, big ideas.

This keynote and rock concert stage hybrid (yes, that's a thing) will feature some of the biggest superstars in fintech before the spotlights turn on Tuesday night party headliners FOREIGNER, presented by Zeta, to finish things off with a bang.

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Money Tree Park

A magical tree has burst through the show floor and is flourishing from the movement and energy of all the amazing minds around it (that's you!). This is the place where seeds of ideas are planted and inspiring connections are made. Rest and revive under the money tree's tranquil canopy, explore the hollow trunk and perch down for a quiet coffee.

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Off/On The Record

Studio 54 is reimagined as the ultimate content stage and VIP club where media are banned and phones locked away for exclusive, off-the-record talks - listened to through headphones between live DJ sets while you sip a cocktail. When sessions switch up to on-the-record, don't sweat it media folks - club security will let you in, too.

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Top Drone

If you've ever fancied flying a drone through an LED obstacle course inside a giant net to a thumping 80's rock-synth soundtrack in an attempt to win some very cool limited edition merch, then this is your calling, Maverick of Fintech! The destination for meeting and networking with an (airborne) twist or as a fun time out. Top Drone Inclusion Policy: Absolute rookies welcome (that's most of us then).

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