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“When it comes to delivering on the lead generation front, Money20/20 is a great catalyst, and the ROI is here.” Mathieu Limousi, Vice President Marketing, D-Local


“It’s all about learning what others are doing and understanding how your business can benefit from something that others are doing, or how you can help others. It’s a great taste of collaboration.”

Gabriel Carvajalino, VP Network Development LATAM, Thunes

Santander Bank

“Money20/20 is by far the most valuable financial conference in the states. From speakers to walking the floor, the four days bring a ton of value to our organization.”

Pierre P. Habis, Santander Bank

Metal Payments

“I’ve been attending Money20/20 since 2016 and I can say I’ve watched, what I consider to be the best conference in fintech, become the best conference for crypto and blockchain.”

Marshall Hayner, Founder and CEO of Metal Payments


"Money20/20 was the 1st conference we’ve ever done. We’re talking early, we have massive scale, we have lots of great customers, we’re a $4.3 billion company. So, the journey has been pretty special for us at Money20/20. We do it every year and it’s nice how we’ve grown together."

Jason Gardner, Marqeta

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