The World DeFi is Creating

The DeFi movement aims to rid the financial system of intermediaries and place agency into the hands of the customer. Mirroring the birth of digital money, the democratization of information and finance is sparking new opportunities and possible dangers.

In these summits we will take a deep dive into DeFi and explore the different ways it's challenging traditional financial structures and institutions.

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Track 1

The Hybrid Future: DeFi + Traditional Finance

Sponsored by Vesper Finance

Decentralized finance’s rapid rise revealed global demand for a reimagined financial system.

How will DeFi shape the industry’s future, and how can traditional finance collaborate with DeFi to deliver increased value? Find the answers — and the right questions — from experts across the financial ecosystem.

Track 2

Grow Financial Access & Services with Tokenization

Sponsored by Circle & Stellar Development Foundation

Hear how blockchain and tokenization build bridges between currencies, countries, and systems that need better interoperability, creating opportunities for revolutionary financial services that benefit customers and businesses alike

Track 3

Intersection of DeFi, Banking & Crypto Regulations

Sponsored by Metal

Our speakers will share their expertise on navigating cryptocurrency regulations, creating products that are fully compliant, and staying flexible in a shifting regulatory environment.

Learn about what is coming next and what groundbreaking opportunities are opening at the intersection of DeFi and banking.