Shahirah Gardner

Shahirah Gardner



Shahirah is cofounder of Finch, a next-gen data intelligence and financial technology company.

Shahirah is one of Australia’s leading names in fintech and women in tech, recognised as Australia’s “Rising fintech Star” in 2018 after Finch received numerous awards across multiple categories: including “Best Personal Finance app” and “Best Digital Wallet”.

Shahirah is a guest writer for Yahoo-Finance, and has presented at several conferences including PauseFest, Yeah Nah, and CeBIT. She’s also a board member of Girls in Tech Australia.

Finch is widely regarded as one of the most exciting startups in Australia and in 2019 received the award for “Most Innovative team”.

Prior to Finch, Shahirah has over 10 years experience in Tech Marketing & Strategy with companies such as Splunk and CCP Games. Most, recently Shahirah had her own digital consulting agency (Launchcode PR) - advising tech startups in Australia.