Giri Addanki

Giri Addanki

Founder & CEO

Acorn Finance

Giri Addanki is founder, CEO and CFO of Acorn Finance, a Point of Sale (PoS) lending market place for home improvement contractors.

Previously, Giri led marketing & sales analytics teams at various home improvement lending PoS companies including One Main Financial and Service Finance. He leveraged data and analytics to grow contractors by optimizing marketing and sales efforts and increase contractor engagement.

From 2011 - 2012, Giri held leadership positions at Capital One, CitiBank and Barclays. He had P&L responsibilities for Credit Cards, Mortgages and Personal Loans and managed teams that built mathematical and statistical models to optimize marketing budgets.

Earlier in his career, Giri served in various accounting and consulting positions at Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley and Cisco Systems.

He is a Chartered Accountant from India and holds a Masters in Business Administration in International Business from the University of South Carolina.