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Pre-Event & Logistics

I submitted a proposal to speak, but I haven’t heard from anyone at Money20/20. Was it accepted?
When you submitted your proposal, you should have received an immediate email with a confirmation number. If you received this, the Content Team has your proposal in hand and will be in contact as soon as a decision is made regarding your submission. There is no need to follow up.

Can I submit one speaking proposal for both Money20/20 U.S. and Money20/20 Europe?
The agenda content for each Money20/20 event is developed by a local team. If you wish to propose a speaking topic for Money20/20 Europe or Money20/20 Asia, then please click here to submit your proposal.

Is my pass to the event free since I am a confirmed speaker?
Please click here for more information on speaker registration.

Can my personal assistant get a free pass if they are only staying for a few hours?
Generally, we do not provide day passes, or temporary passes. From time to time we do make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please send your request to content@money2020.com.

Does Money20/20 pay for, or arrange my lodging since I am a confirmed speaker?
Lodging and travel is the responsibility of the speaker. Money20/20 does not arrange or compensate speakers for these expenses. Please click here to access our hotel block at The Venetian l The Palazzo.

What is my specific speaking role? And what day and time is my session?
The Content Team works closely with potential speakers and their teams to place speakers in an appropriate speaking role based on their goals and alignment with the agenda, and to inform speakers if there need to be any changes. The full agenda is published here. If you still have questions about your speaking role, then please reach out to us at content@money2020.com.

My contact information, or my POC’s contact information has changed since I was confirmed as a speaker. What should I do?
Please click here to submit your updates. Please be sure to check the box that indicates that you are updating your information.

What is the dress code for the event?
The dress code for Money20/20 is typically “Business” to “Business Casual” but less formal attire is also acceptable. Please dress however you feel comfortable and in a manner that best reflects the culture of your company.

How can I get in touch with attending media?
Money20/20 sponsors are provided an updated list of attending media prior to the event. We also publish a list of announcements to attending media. If your company is making an announcement (e.g., new product/service, new partnership, company name change, etc.), then please let us know. Click here for additional information on Announcements & Media.

Your Speaking Sessions

Where is the Speaker Lounge and when do I need to report for my session?
All track session speakers should report to the Speaker Lounge, approximately 1 hour prior to your session. Speaker lounge locations:

Sunday - Toscana 3710, Level 3

Monday-Wednesday - Speaker Lounge in Expo Hall, Level 2

Main stage keynote speakers have a separate “green room” located backstage of The Venetian Ballroom.

How should I prepare for my session?
Preparation is key to a successful presentation in front of the Money20/20 audience.  The requirements vary based on your speaking role, e.g. moderator, panelist or presenter. Click here for additional guidelines on preparing for your Money20/20 session.

Will I get any rehearsal time onsite at the event?
This year will we require all speakers making a stand-up presentation (general session keynotes, Demos & Announcements track, Startup Pitch at Money20/20 and select track sessions) to have a scheduled rehearsal time or technical walk-through. The details will be communicated to you by the Content Team. If you have questions about your rehearsal time, then please reach out to us at content@money2020.com.

Can I show slides, video or other materials during my presentation? What are the requirements for formatting my presentation materials (PowerPoint, Keynote, Video, etc.)?
Most panel presentations don’t use slides or use them sparingly, but great audio visuals often serve to enhance session content for other formats, such as stand-alone presentations and demos. Click here for more information on presentation formats and how to send your presentation files to the Money20/20 content team.

What audio/video capabilities will be available to me on stage?
The AV capabilities will differ depending on the type of presentation you are taking part in. Some rooms are equipped specifically to support live demos. Click here for more information on AV requirements.

Can I bring “props” on stage during my demo presentation?
Due to the time and space constraints, the use of props onstage is limited to those that you can transport by hand with no additional resource requirements (lifting assistance, ramps, additional power, etc.).