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Sinch is the one-stop shop for all your communication needs. Our industry-leading customer engagement solutions enable personalized communication at scale across messaging, voice, and email to help businesses deliver next-level experiences.

• 100% reach - engage any customer on the planet on any channel. • 600+ direct operator connections — scale communications globally with ease. • 8/10 of the largest U.S. tech companies are Sinch customers. • 600B engagements delivered per year.

Meaningful conversations, happy customers – on any channel.

• Messaging: Build flawless mobile experiences with solutions for SMS, MMS, RCS, and all messaging apps — use Conversation API to go omnichannel and connect them all!

• Voice: Get all the voice services you need for seamless communication with your audiences, whether you want to let customers reach you toll-free, collaborate seamlessly with remote colleagues, or stay compliant with the latest 911 regulations.

• Email: Our powerful, intuitive email solutions make transactional and marketing email comms a breeze, so you can build connected experiences in no time.

• Applications: Our ready-to-use applications for marketing, customer care, and conversational AI help you empower your teams and deliver five-star, friction-free experiences across the entire customer journey.

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