S1lkPay Ltd & Enegix Payments

We believe that everyone should have easy access to payments and transfers, regardless of location or financial status. S1lkPay and Enegix are the platforms for contactless payments and fast, bank-free, easy, cross-border transfers of money and crypto.

S1lkPay is a new financial solution with a 24/7 standard set of digital banking including peer-to-peer card sharing, contactless payments, and crowdfunding. With S1lkPay, there are no hidden fees or complicated processes - just fast, easy transactions to anyone and anywhere in the world. Users of S1lkPay can open a card account online, without queues or credit history checks. Every person from 14 years old can use the app to pay, receive and transfer money.

Enegix Payments is a new digital bridge between the crypto and fiat worlds without any geographical limitations. The platform is designed to expand the boundaries of payment services and make it easier for customers and businesses to use their crypto in the fiat world. Powered by S1lkPay Technologies, we offer prepaid cards that can be issued to every person regardless of their location and nationality.

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