19 Days of #BreakingThe19 Challenge

Did you know:

Women in the US make an average of 19% LESS than their male counterparts. Seriously.

If you’re like us, we’re ready to put a stop to this disparity, which is why we’re taking Rise Up a big step further and sparking action across the industry with the Breaking the 19 Challenge.

For 19 days, you can take part in encouraging others in the Financial Services and Fintech industries to join you in supporting the inclusion and empowerment of women in the workforce and supporting the end of the gender-based pay gap. Who’s in?

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Launching October 1st, pick a woman (or maybe a team of women!) in the financial services, fintech, banking or tech industry who inspires YOU.

Step 2: In a brief social post share a photo or video and tell us who she is and why she’s inspirational, how she’s bettering the industry or how she’s fostering diversity and inclusivity – be sure to include the hashtag, #BREAKINGTHE19

Step 3: Tag 3 friends, peers or colleagues in your post to pass along the sentiment and challenge them to share who inspires them.

Step 4: Check your DMs! We’ll send you an exclusive 19% discount code within 19 hours of posting. 


As our thank you for helping us take action and raise awareness we’re going to give everyone who uses the #BREAKINGTHE19 a 19% Discount to Money20/20 USA, valid throughout the 19 days of this campaign - October 1st to October 19th. *Please note: There are a limited number of passes available at this rate

What’s more, the Breaking the 19 Challenge will come to life at Money20/20 with a bold new activation onsite. You won’t want to miss this, so get involved, secure your discount and we’ll see you in Vegas.

Need some help getting started?

Sometimes we all need a thought-starter, and we’re here to help with some already written copy for you to take and make your own.

Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram:

Time’s up for gender disparity in financial services! To start #Breakingthe19, I’m celebrating 

[name, social handle] because she:

  • [what change or influence has she had on our industry?]
  • [why does she inspire you?]
  • [how does her organization help break down diversity & inclusivity barriers?]

Let’s close the 19% pay gap & promote the women that inspire us. I’m challenging [@Friend1 @Colleague2 @IndustryLeader3] help in #Breakingthe19 & share one female leader who inspires them.


To start #Breakingthe19 I’m celebrating [social handle] because she...

Let’s close the 19% pay gap & promote those that inspire us. I’m challenging [@Friend1 @Colleage2 @IndustryLeader3] to help in #Breakingthe19 & share one woman they're celebrating.

influential female speakers

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