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All registered attendees can start networking earlier than ever before! Now you can search and filter the full attendee list, send messages, accept meeting requests and start building your schedule before calendars book up.

Insider Tip: Only registered attendees have access to the app, so don’t wait any longer to secure your pass.

Learn more about the Money20/20 Apps features and functionaility.


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How can I download the App?

The App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Shortly after you register you will receive access to our App. There you can search/filter the full Money20/20 attendee list and start networking immediately.

How can I book meetings?

Once you have the App, you'll be able to connect with attendees, send messages and book unlimited meetings. We recommend you sync these up with your device calendar.

Prefer a desktop version of the networking platform? Get started here.

Where do I find App support at the event?

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How do I log on to the Wifi at the event as an Attendee?

There will be wifi at the event, complimentary wifi will be available to all attendees at the event. The wifi network name and password will be printed on the back of every attendee badge.

How do I log on to the Wifi at the event as an Exhibitor in the exhibit hall?

We recommend ordering a dedicated network for your booth if you require a more reliable connection. Internet services can be ordered through Sands Expo SES. Under no circumstances should you set up separate WI-FI routers, MI-FIs or hotspots using the Money20/20 network, as it will interfere with other exhibitors’ and attendees’ ability to connect.

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