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What's Included:

  • The meeting cube size is 12' x 12'
  • Each meeting cube will be set with one (1) table and six (6) chairs.
  • Each cube is branded with your logo on the front panel next to the door of the structure.
  • The meeting cube area will be carpeted in dark blue.
  • Complimentary wifi will be provided in the exhibit hall, however, if you need a faster, more reliable connection, we strongly recommend ordering a dedicated internet connection from SES.

What's not Included:

  • Power
  • A/V (if you need a monitor, laptop, etc.)
  • Food and beverage

A/V and other services may be ordered online through the GES Exhibitor Kit.

Meeting Cube Display Guidelines:

  • Due to fire marshal regulations, furniture, displays, promotional materials, signage, etc. are not allowed​ ​to be placed on the floor surrounding your meeting cube.
  • Any items placed in your meeting cube must be confined to the inside of your cube.
  • Additional branding/signage is not allowed on the outside walls of your cube.
  • Must abide by all exhibitor rules and regulations.


Meeting cube logo must be submitted by August 16th.

**Please note that artwork submitted after the deadline may be subject to additional charges.

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