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Exhibitor Spaces

What's Included

  • One side of a 4-sided pre-built structure furnished with two (2) stools. Money20/20 will coordinate all set-up and teardown of the kiosk structure.
  • Your logo will be printed on the top panel, the middle panel will be your own design and the bottom panel will display the Money20/20 logo.
  • The kiosk area will be carpeted in dark blue.
  • Complimentary wifi will be provided in the exhibit hall, however, if you need a faster, more reliable connection, we strongly recommend ordering a dedicated internet connection from SES.

What’s not included

  • Power
  • A/V (if you need a monitor, laptop, etc.)
  • Food and beverage

A/V and other services may be ordered online through the GES Exhibitor Kit.

Kiosk Display Guidelines

Due to fire marshal regulations, additional furniture, displays, promotional materials, signage, etc. are not allowed to be placed on the floor surrounding your kiosk.

Any items placed on your kiosk must fit on the countertop. The countertop dimensions are approximately 38-1/8“ L x 18-3/8” W and the maximum weight limit is 30 lbs.

There is a very small storage space accessible through the side of the kiosk, located underneath the countertop. For any additional materials that you need to store, we recommend contacting GES for storage.

Exhibitors and Sponsors must abide by all exhibitor rules and regulations.


Kiosk Artwork

must be submitted by the August 16th

Logo on Top Panel

must be submitted by the August 16th

**Please note that artwork submitted after the deadline may be subject to additional charges.

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