Remitter USA Inc. is white-labeled digital communications platform that optimizes your communication and engagement in generating payments from your customers. The system sends personalized mobile communications (SMS or Email) from you as the sender, exclusively with your organization's branding. Remitter is powered by Artificial Intelligence to discern how your customers want to be communicated with, what type of messaging triggers them to respond positively, the proper time of the day, week or month that will elicit early-stage first-party payments or later-stage, third-party recovery as well as general propensity to pay.

With only a few clicks, your customers can pay their balance in full, create an approved payment plan with a start date, amount and payment terms that work best for them. No more confusing steps logging in, establishing profiles or trying to locate the bill in question. If your customer would prefer to speak to a live agent about their account, they can connect to your dedicated call center solution or request a call back that suits their schedule. Remitter clients can schedule and accurately track their own specific collection and recovery campaigns with convenient "dashboard" views of all activity. Remitter will enhance your brand and improve measurable customer satisfaction. And, most importantly, all communications are conveyed with airtight legal compliance.

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