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More Leads, More Meetings, More Opportunities

This NEW pass upgrade was created to allow you to connect and schedule meetings early and before Money20/20 calendars book up. Our AI-powered desktop networking tool takes the work out of networking and allows your to book an unlimited number of meetings with anyone on our attendee list.

Money20/20's huge network of innovators and decision makers can help you reach your goals at speed. Whether you're on the hunt for new leads, partners, suppliers or looking for an easier way to connect with your clients onsite, Money20/20’s Networker Pass will make it easier than ever to book meetings with the right individuals in Las Vegas.

You must be registered for Money20/20 USA in order to access the Networker Pass upgrade. If you have not secure your pass, please do so here.








Online Networking Benefits:

See who’s coming to Money20/20 USA

Exclusive early access to send & accept unlimited meeting requests

Early access to pre-book meetings and secure your table at the PayPal Lounge

Swipe ‘Interested’ or ‘Skip’ through profiles to make quality connections

No restrictions on who you can request meetings with

High profile visibility amongst all attendees

No spam - users swipe anonymously until both have swiped ‘Interested’ for a connection to be established resulting in no unsolicited messages

Chat functionality (IM) to make it more convenient for attendees who have matched to reach out to each other

Get intelligent recommendations that are aligned with your professional goals and interests

Meeting calendar which gives you a convenient overview of meetings booked

Onsite Benefits:

VIP Registration

Automatic RSVP for Industry Night

Access to the Luminary Lounge in Expo Hall


Complete the form below to upgrade your existing pass to the Networker Pass for $2995.

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*Please note that all registered attendees of Money20/20 USA will be able to book meetings when the official App is released in October.*

FREQUENTLy asked questions

How do I log in?

You can log in using your Money20/20 USA registration credentials:

Username = Registration Email

Password = Registration Confirmation #

Your confirmation number can be found in your confirmation email, or by logging into your Money20/20 registration here.

Having trouble logging in?

It can take up to 24 hours for your registration details to be available in the app.

If you're still unable to login after this period, email Networking@Money2020.com

Why Can’t I Book Meetings?

Standard Pass holders have restrictions on what they can and can’t do. Booking meetings in the platform is one of those restrictions. To understand what permissions the Standard Pass has access to click here. To upgrade to the Networker Pass and book unlimited meetings click here.

Can I Accept Meetings?

Yes! Both Standard Pass and Networker Pass holders will have the ability to accept/decline/reschedule meetings.

How do I book meetings onsite?

We will be releasing the Money20/20 App in October and all registered attendees will have the ability to book meetings in the app regardless of pass type.

What is Matchmaking?

Money20/20 is introducing an advanced AI-powered matchmaking platform for Networker Pass holders. The platform uses natural language processing, advanced algorithms and deep neural networks to constantly learn about your professional goals and interests. This takes the work out of networking through intelligent matchmaking – making it more fun and giving you a higher return on your time.

What are the benefits?

The matchmaking platform allows you to network with other attendees to arrange meetings and identify potential business contacts.

How can I search the Money20/20 2019 Attendee List?  

Under MORE select Attendees and use the filters to find the right profile you’re looking to meet.

How can I search for a specific person I want to meet?

Select the search box, write the name of the person you are looking for and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

How do I find networking opportunities?

The platform uses natural language processing and advanced algorithms to recommend networking opportunities within the “Recommended for You” section of the platform. Alternatively you can search for attendees/speakers/sponsors directly or use the filters to find the right profile you’re looking to meet.

How do I request a meeting?

Only Networker Pass holders can request meetings in the platform. If you’re already a Networker Pass holder first find the person you’d like to meet and click on their name to view their profile page, you’ll be able to mark them as ‘interested’ or send a meeting request directly. If you’d like to upgrade your pass please click here and complete the form.

Where will my meetings take place?

On Sunday, October 27th you will need to agree on a meeting location with your fellow contact. On Monday when the Expo Hall opens all meetings will take place at The PayPal Lounge where tables will be reserved for your meetings. Only confirmed meetings scheduled via the platform will take place at The PayPal lounge. Sign in at the reception area and you will be shown to your table. Refreshments will be provided.

Can I add meetings to my calendar?

When a meeting request is accepted it will send a calendar invite to your email address.

What details of mine are displayed in the platform?

The platform will display your professional information including name, job title and company. Information such as telephone number, email address or mail address will not be displayed.

Can I export my connections contact details?

No. Users contact details are not displayed or exportable in the platform.

How do I remove my details from the platform?

Removing your details will mean that you are unable to login or arrange networking opportunities through the platform.  However, if you would like to be removed please send your details to Networking@Money2020.com using the subject line “Remove from matchmaking” and we will be happy to remove your details.

Still have questions?

We’re here to help! Please send detailed message to Networking@Money2020.com and we’ll be sure to get you the help you need.