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Point Predictive makes lending easier with consortium-powered consumer risk management. We help lenders go beyond traditional credit and identity risk management by providing a holistic view of each applicant’s risk profile. Our patented, artificial intelligence-based solutions leverage powerful data assets to create billions of unique consumer risk insights that enable higher levels of lending confidence, speed, and borrower experience.

These insights are derived from more than 120 million applications containing consumer income and employment, along with various other risk characteristics. We assess borrower risk holistically at the application level across multiple risk types including Identity, Employment, Income, Collateral, and Straw Borrower. These insights are not available together from any other source and are informed by known loan performance (e.g., whether there was a payment default or fraud reported) for more than 62 million U.S. consumers (approximately 1 in 3 U.S. adult consumers with some type of credit history) as well as risk information on thousands of third parties (such as employers, brokers, and dealerships).

Our solutions consider whether a particular consumer has been seen in the consortium and compares the current application information (income, employment, residence, phone numbers, etc.) to what this consumer has previously reported as well as to historical patterns of applications that either performed or resulted in default. Thousands of data elements and calculations are considered resulting in highly accurate predictive scores. With Point Predictive, borrowers get loans faster and lenders achieve significant increases in profit.

Point Predictive Inc. is a San Diego-based company, founded in 2014.

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