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Plat AI

Plat.AI is a real-time decision-making engine, offering buildable, deployable, and maintainable AI for any platform or system.

We assist with: ● Fraud and risk detection ● Credit underwriting ● Debt scoring and detecting bad credit ● Targeted advertising ● Product recommendations ● Supply chain optimization ● Any type of model building

Our data scientists specialize in credit risk modeling and predictive analytics for lenders or marketing networks. Our current portfolio of clients includes banks and financial lead distribution networks operating in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

The Plat.AI setup integrates seamlessly with a company’s lending or marketing resources, helping companies predict and reduce default rates, weed out fraudulent applications, respond better to sudden changes in traffic quality, and ultimately make better decisions.

Plat.AI gives accurate insight into a company’s data, helping decision-makers better understand their customers. Our features include: ● Speed – Models up-and-running fast ● Clarity – One-on-one support ● Actionable Analytics – A better understanding of customers for smarter decisions ● Security & Compliance – All decision-making is compliant with regulatory requirements, and all data stays safe and secure. ● Maintenance – Learning models stay up to date offers integration with existing platforms through API. We also provide server-level solutions with no limitation in model choices.

Whether you need a simple user interface or an artificial neural network, has the patented technology in place to help. We can input the data you already have to generate scorecards, risk assessment models, or any other model.

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