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Sue Choe

Chief People Officer, Petal

Motivating people to do their best work is a seemingly Sisyphean challenge -- and that’s why Sue loves it. She aspires to create organizations that exhibit consistently high levels of individual / team performance AND professional fulfillment.

How? By engaging in direct and clear communications; understanding issues from multiple angles; diagnosing root causes; identifying patterns; benchmarking; experimenting and iterating; collecting feedback and results; and continuously improving. Startups call this “HR”, "People Ops", or by its components -- talent acquisition, onboarding, learning / development, career pathing, recognition and rewards, employee relations, culture / community-building, organizational development, etc. -- but it all boils down to this: problem-solving rigor + an open mind.

Add a ton of elbow grease, a touch of empathy, lots of listening, and a focus on systems and process, and that’s what Sue brings to fast-paced, ideals-driven companies where people and culture are paramount to business success (however they choose to define it).

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