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Kirsten Trusko

CEO, Emerging Markets Coalition

Ms. Trusko leads IRC Advisory, a bespoke management consultancy in financial services, payments, cards, emerging markets, cyber, fraud, AML, anti human trafficking. She’s the former President of the NBPCA (www.nbpca.org) leading a Board of 25 senior financial and fintech executives. Ms Trusko has testified in Congress, served as an expert witness, and interfaces with Congress, law enforcement, military, and regulatory bodies. She’s an officer in the International Association of Innovation Professionals (www.IAOIP.org), and chairs the Financial Services and the Anti Human Trafficking working groups She’s a co-founder of the Financial Crimes Task Force, and the Law Enforcement Alliance Program – driving collaboration across industry and law enforcement. She serves on both the Fed’s Secured AND on the Faster Payments Task Forces, and on Task Forces for industry-agency collaboration in AML, cyber, identify theft, and human trafficking. She is co-chair of Business Executives for National Security’s (www.BENS.org) KPI effort. She’s been interviewed on television, radio and in print and is a frequent speaker and writer – delivering over 200 speeches at industry and government events – in payments, gig economy, cyber security, disaster prep and recovery, anti money laundering, anti human trafficking.

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