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PayNways provide financial infrastructure / platform to enable smart, real-time, risk-controlled, fully monitored and automated money movement. Infrastructure allowing our customers to Intelligently route funds across payment rails, optimizing for risk, cost, and speed to enable real-time payments. PayNways is focused on simplifying, scaling and synergizing payments - the seamless movement of funds - across the ecosystem by leveraging our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology. Comprehensive payments processing platform conforming to high standards of regulatory and security compliance with large scale processing capability. Applying predictive risk intelligence to payments preventing returns and fraud. Identifying occurrences and reducing payment risk before it occurs, unlocking real-time funding through a single API integration.

PayNways, Simplifying Payments through its Single Unified Payments Platform PayGlobal360. Utilizing advanced technologies, proprietary knowledge and algorithms to solve the complex payments problems along with its processing power, high level of security and scalability makes it reliable payments partner. To enable customers with infrastructure independence it is tested and available for all major clouds offering. Our real-time payments service and, immediate payments capabilities offerings to financial and non-banking industry enable them with robust Payments Hub for a very satisfying payments experience.

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