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Paymentwall is a leading global payments platform established in 2010 in San Francisco. We pioneered the development of a unified API payments platform, integrating diverse local payment options from across the globe. Our current platform boasts a robust selection of over 200 reliable payment methods spanning LATAM, US, Europe, Africa, MENA, CIS, SEA, East Asia, Australia, India, Greater China, South Korea, and Japan.

At Paymentwall, we proudly serve 300,000 merchants worldwide, operating through our extensive network of 20+ global offices. Fintech companies and merchants alike benefit from our platform's comprehensive reach, enabling seamless transactions in various markets. Our offerings include localized payment methods, efficient credit card processing, and innovative solutions such as the in-house developed Medusa Risk Platform and SpiderPipe Payment Orchestration Platform.

FasterPay facilitates instantaneous 1-second transfers between FasterPay accounts, catering to both businesses seeking efficient payouts and individual users transferring funds to one another. With its swift onboarding procedure, FasterPay accommodates users worldwide, ensuring instant payment transactions and receipt. Operating across 160 jurisdictions, remittance corridors, and supporting over 60 currencies, FasterPay offers diverse top-up and withdrawal options.

Banks, platforms, and fintech companies can leverage FasterPay to streamline payment receipt processes and empower their users with seamless payout capabilities.