Infrastructure & Customer Journeys

In one recent report, over 50% of companies surveyed stated that organizational silos, including slow processes and a lack of willingness to change, are the top challenges to the customer experience.

While the customer journey and experience has always been top of mind, the ways banks can interact with customers and find more touchpoints along the journey that can create a better experience have gone up expontentially as a result of new technologies and a shift in customer expectations to more digital and self-service options. Many providers need to focus on infrastructure upgrades to support these demands.

Infrastructure & Customer Journeys

Art of Product Strategy, Design &Customer Journeys

Most companies have yet to view online payments as a key piece in their business's very foundation. But in fact, a rapidly evolving ecosystem has overhauled the value of chain of payments for internet-first companies.

Staying One Swipe Ahead in a Perfect Storm

A perfect storm of innovation and increasing consumer expectations has spurred countless opportunities for forward-thinking organizations to drive incremental revenue streams via payments.

MoneyPot: Aadhar: Inclusive By Design

Today, Aadhaar and UPI are the blueprint for achieving universal inclusion and access to financial services. But how does one go about designing and building a system of such scale, counting users not in millions but billions? -

MoneyPot: Mind The Trust Gap

In fintech, we need to start minding the trust gap. When a customer downloads an app and the verification fails, a third of them walk away because it is too much trouble. That is the number that keeps UX architects up at night.

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