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Optherium Labs

Optherium Labs is a one-stop-shop that provides the necessities for launching and managing fully-managed turnkey white-label digital Neobank in the USA and EEA. A fully-licensed, fully-compliant plug-and-play banking product that allows you to concentrate on your core business while enabling you to quickly deploy financial products without having to deal with banking regulations and costly setups.

Neobank-as-a-Service by Optherium is a ready-made, fully customizable white-label digital bank managed by a professional team on behalf of and for the benefit of a client brand.

Neobank-as-a-Service by Optherium is a revenue-generating tool that allows enterprises to unlock new sources of income by providing banking and financial services to clients' end-users.

Optherium Labs is a selected tier partner of the Amazon Partner Network and is the first neobank in the world built by a cybersecurity tech company. Our clients are large and medium-sized organizations: banks, fintechs, telecoms, and retailers.

Fully-managed white-label neobank allows established businesses to monetize their customer base and benefit from multiple extra revenue streams.

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