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Nova Credit Inc

"Nova Credit enables immigrants to share their credit history from their home country with financial service providers, unlocking a new consumer segment for credit card issuers and lenders and new opportunities for immigrants. As the first and only company that partners with leading credit bureaus around the world to deliver real-time international credit data to banks and lenders in the United States, Nova Credit makes it possible for newcomers to transport their financial identity across borders which helps them integrate faster and achieve economic security.

With an audacious vision for stitching together the world's credit data into a single network, Nova Credit is driving systemic change in the way immigrants access financial products. The company is revolutionizing the way consumers own and share their credit data - immigrants with credit history in their home country no longer need to rebuild their credit from scratch when they move to the U.S.

To build this global platform for financial identity, Nova Credit has built a complex three-sided marketplace comprising international credit bureaus, financial service providers, and consumers. Partnering with international credit bureaus with varying reporting protocols and compliance requirements is an arduous and long process. Financial service providers (like American Express) have never had the ability to reach the immigrant segment before, and consumers (immigrants) have traditionally been excluded from financial services."

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