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NeuroID is a behavioral analytics company that is redefining identity orchestration by bringing human behavioral signals into the digital world.

NeuroID solutions assess the intent of the consumer, fraudster, or bot on the other end of a digital device to ascertain their digital integrity. Our flagship products—ID Crowd Alert™ and ID Orchestrator™—use patented neuroscience-based analytics to measure intent so our customers can unlock top of funnel identity screening and authentication capabilities in real-time, in order to better provide exceptional customer experiences to genuine applicants.

A pioneer in the behavioral analytics field, Neuro-ID helps some of the largest digital brands in the world optimize their identity orchestration, continually monitor crowd-level behavior, detect sophisticated fraud ring attacks in real-time, and enact the right level of either fast-track or friction for potential customers. All of this happens even before customers hit ‘submit’ in their onboarding journey. The result is scalable, safe, and seamless digital identity screening based on this pre-submit data that works through a simple javascript and never collects customer data or causes unnecessary friction. ID Crowd Alert and ID Orchestrator have translated more than a trillion behavioral data points to help reduce friction, increase conversion, eliminate false positives, and minimize false declines for a robust and revenue-driving holistic identity orchestration that seamlessly integrates with any fraud stack.

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